Where Quertle products are being used

Why these organizations are using Quertle

Where Quertle is being used

Representative Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Medical Device, and Diagnostic Companies
Actelion Pharma
AYOXXA Biosystems
Bayer HealthCare
Eli Lilly
GE Healthcare
Johnson & Johnson
Novo Nordisk
Philip Morris
Quest Diagnostics
Quinn Pharma
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Representative Academic Institutions
Arizona State
California Inst of Technology
ETH Zurich
Johns Hopkins
Michigan State
Ohio State
Oregon Health and Science
Pennsylvania State
U Alabama
U Arizona
U Colorado
U Florida
U Georgia
U London
U Massachusetts
U Michigan
U North Carolina
U Pennsylvania
Washington U
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Representative Research Institutes, Hospitals, Publishers, Government Organizations, and others)
Am Board Family Med
Am Cancer Society
Am Coll Ob Gyn
Am Dental Assoc
Beth Israel Deaconess
Booz Allen Hamilton
Cincinnati Children's Hosp
City of Hope
European Bioinfo Inst
Fox Chase Cancer Cntr
Fred Hutchinson
H Lee Moffitt Cancer Cntr
IMS Health
Lawrence Berkeley Natl Lab
Natl Inst Standards and Tech
Natl Inst of Health
Pacific NW Natl Laboratory
Pasteur Inst
VA NY/NJ Vet Healthcare System
Walter Reed Army Med Cntr
Wellcome Trust Sanger Inst
William Osler Health System
Wolters Kluwer
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Why these organizations are using Quertle

1. Quertle's truly unique AI-based search methodology
Despite having access to several free and many expensive search engines, every year researchers miss critical published information and, according to the European Patent Office, 30% of the time end up re-inventing what was already known. The result is enormous losses in budget, opportunity costs, and time.

Quertle's advanced technology combines Artificial Intelligence with Natural Language Understanding and other modern methods to provide the most advanced literature discovery available. Quertle helps minimize the risk of missing critical documents. You make your research funds go further and you improve the chance grant proposal success.

2. Power Term® queries to answer questions
Quertle's products allow you to pose queries that simply are not possible with other search engines. Power Term® queries allow you to answer questions, such as what genes are associated with diabetes ("$Genes diabetes").

3. Visual Analytics provide insights
Visual analytics based on document content (as opposed to bibliometrics) provide intuitive exploration, summarization, trend detection, connections between concepts - all leading to unmatched insight.

4. Automatic Key Concept discovery enables easy exploration
Quertle's products automatically discover Key Concepts that are specifically related to your query (as opposed to terms that randomly occur in the document. These concepts help you hone in on what you were looking for, plus they allow you to find concepts you might not have even known about.

5. Content that matters
Quertle's products cover essentially all biomedical and biological journals plus many additional sources, including NIH Grant Applications. One of these additional sources is patent content. Don't automatically filter that out! 80% of the world's technical knowledge is ONLY available in patents.

6. Security
Whether you know it or not, bad people "listen in" on the searches you do in order to gain insights and beat you to discoveries. Quertle not only encrypts all the information sent between you and the server, but also encrypts all your saved searches, notes, etc. that are stored on the server.

7. Communication
Found something interesting? With Qinsight, Qdiscover, and Qexplorer you can seamlessly make annotations saved with the result and start a private discussion with your colleagues, class, or whomever you choose.

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