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what action
are involved in

All actions, both positive and negative.

ethanol $Actions



A short list of major adverse effects (side effects) ranging from the molecular level (e.g., mutation) to diseases. Let us know what else you want on this list.

ethanol causes $AdverseEffects


what genetic factors

Any gene, gene product, lncRNA, or microRNA

What genetic factors contribute to glioblastoma?



Alternatives to the use of higher organisms, including cell culture models, in vitro, and lower organisms. Use this to search to find alternative systems for study and to support your IACUC applications.




Any tissue or organ. Let us know what else you want on this list.

$AnatomicalParts oxidative damage



Any amino acid

$AminoAcids diet


what Animal Models

The common animal models used in research

What animal models are used for multiple sclerosis?


what antibacterialss




what antibiotics




which antibodies
what antibody

Common antibodies used for therapeutic purposes, including Herceptin and Infliximab.

$Antibodies treat arthritis











Normal biological processes such as cell cycle, pregnancy, and platelet activation.

aspirin $BiologicalProcesses



Proteins used as drugs




Proteins, metabolites, etc. associated with a process or disease Let us know what else you want on this list.

$Biomarkers for cancer



A list of pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. If we have missed somebody, please let us know.

$PharmaBiotech partners



Any cell line, such as NIH-3T3 or HeLa cells

$CellLines expressing glycoprotein



Any cell object, such as a ribosome, stereocilium, or Golgi apparatus

stress affects $CellObjects


what cell type

Any cell type, such as macrophages and neurons

ethanol affects $CellTypes



Any chemical or drug, such as 4-bromobenzohydrazide or Aricept. This class includes antibodies used as drugs

$Chemicals treat migraine



Major chemical classes such as neurohypophyseals, Anthocyanins, and sugar.




Concepts related to clinical work (i.e., in people). Useful as an Also Containing filter.




Major complexes or assemblies, such as spliceosome or COG complex, or larger structures such as membrane synapse.




Concepts related to cost

$Cost of obesity



Any disease (including anything that is bad physiologically, such as "mutation")

ethanol causes $Diseases







All chemical elements, such as calcium and argon

$Elements affect cell growth



Major enzymatic actions such as acetylation and phosphorylation




Any enzyme




Any protein functional class, such as arginase, myostimulatory hormone, or restriction enzyme - but not the phrase "functional class" nor the specific proteins within each class.

$FunctionalClasses affect transcription



Any gene or gene product such as BRCA2 or p53, but not the word "gene"

HDAC1 regulates $Genes



Any GPCR, but not the term "GPCR"

$GPCRs and inflammation



Any hormone (not just mammalian)




Any ion channel




Any type of interaction, such as binding

p53 $Interaction $Proteins



Any protein ligand, but not the phrase "protein ligand"

$LigandProteins control cell cycle


what lncRNAs

Any long noncoding RNA

What lncRNAs are associated with cancer?



$Matrix Metalloproteinases

$MMP cancer



Any of the major metabolites

$Metabolites indicate cancer



A list of major methods. Let us know what else you want on this list.

expression determined using $Methods



Individual microRNAs, but not the terms "microRNA", "MiR", etc.

$MicroRNAs and cancer



Any word that conveys a negative action, such as 'block'

$Proteins $NegativeActions apoptosis


$Tumors; $Cancers

Any neoplasm. Note that this includes benign and malignant tumors.

asbestos causes $Neoplasms



Any Nuclear hormone receptor




$Opiate addiction



What opioids are used as recreational drugs?



The most common (from a biomedical standpoint) living things

$Organisms produce methane


$Companies, $Institutions

A list of organizations in the biomedical arena. This list includes $PharmaBiotechs If we have missed somebody, please let us know.

$Companies with GFP antibodies



Common plant hormones




Phosphorylation and related indicator such as phospho- and p-

$Phosphorylation JNK



The common plant models used in research

$PlantModels root formation



Positive actions such as activate (activation) and induce (induction)

glucose $PositiveActions



Concepts related to pre-clinical work (i.e., lab studies). Useful as an Also Containing filter.




Any gene product PLUS multimeric proteins such as FSH or AP-1, but not the word "protein"

$Proteins regulate apoptosis



Any protein kinase, but not the phrase "protein kinase"

$ProteinKinases control cell cycle



Any protein phosphatases, but not the phrase "protein phosphatase"

$ProteinPhosphatases control cell cycle



Any protein receptor

Growth hormone binds $ProteinReceptors



Reactive oxygen species

$ROS DNA damage


$SignallingProteins; $SignalingProtein; $SignallingProtein

Proteins involved in cell signaling

$SignalingProteins affect growth



Any transcription factor, but not the phrase "transcription factor"

estrogen activates $TranscriptionFactors



Any virus

$Viruses cause hepatitis

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