Updates to the BioAI™ family including Qinsight and Qexplorer

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NOTE: All patches available so far for the Meltdown and Spectre security bugs have been applied to our servers. Server security, and protecting our users, is very important to us. We will continue to update our servers for the highest level of security possible.

  • Added full-text content from Oxford University Press, including articles that are not Open Access.
    The content is primarily from the Oxford University Press Medicine and Health journals, with additional biomedical-related content from the Science & Mathematics collection.
  • Improved handling of patent content for deeper discovery
  • Expanded natural language queries
    • You now have the option of writing your Power Term® queries more naturally. Just enter what you want with normal English. For example, the search "What diseases are associated with aging?" will give the same results as "$Diseases aging".
    • You may continue to use Power Term queries as before (e.g., $Diseases)
    • We have also expanded the understanding of other natural language queries. This system is still learning, so if you do not get the results you expect from a query, please contact us with the details so we can help train the system.
  • Updated the Predictive Visual Analytics (Qinsight™ only)
    • Concept Cloud and Concept Trends - Both of these visualizations now allow you to filter the information displayed. Simply check or uncheck the boxes in the legend.
    • Concept Trends - The neural network that powers the prediction of trends has been updated. This more sensitive protocol gives a better sense of the dynamics behind emerging concept patterns.
  • Added a new Publication Type filter for Conference/Congress content
    We are also looking to expand our conference content; if you have any preferences for which conference content to add, please let us know.
  • Improved abbreviation recognition
  • Bug fixes
    • We fixed a bug where the Assignee was not being exported for patents. Assignee is now exported to the affiliation field.
    • We fixed a bug, which could occur with small numbers of results, where a spelling suggestion was made even if not needed.
Welcome to the newest family of Quertle discovery products based on our BioAI™ artificial intelligence platform. We usher in another revolution in effective use of the biomedical and life science literature, including predictive visual analytics (in Qinsight™). The BioAI™ platform is the evolution of our Quertle.info and Quetzal® applications and the version numbering is extended from those applications.
  • Advanced Artificial Intelligence-based methods
  • Predictive Visual Analytics
    • Concept Cloud - summarize an entire set of documents
    • Concept Trends - detect trends in the literature
    • Concept Connections - uncover hidden connections
  • Other changes relative to the prior Quetzal® products
    • New ability to select more than one Key Concept
    • Option to update Key Concepts when any filter is applied (Qinsight™ only)

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