Connect your Holdings to Quertle Results (Open URL Link Resolving)
Sign up for Open URL Link Resolving - Seamless connectivity between Quertle® results and your institution's subscriptions.

Quertle® supports link resolving using systems such as Ex Libris SFX, Serial Solutions 360 Link, EBSCO and many more (essentially any OpenURL-compliant system). By connecting your holdings, the users from your organization are more easily able to take advantage of your subscriptions.

To add your institution, please contact us, choose "Connect My Holdings (Link Resolver)" as the Topic, and then provide the baseURL for your link resolver along with any other question or comment in the Question or Comment box. Institutional link resolver registration is absolutely FREE. We may contact you to reconfirm the information.

Once your institution is set up, users will be able to access your subscriptions through the "My Library" link after they have established a registered account.

Note that users always remain subject to your institution's access controls.

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Connect Your Holdings

We are happy to provide training for librarians or any group of users.

Qinsight and Qexplorer are not simply enhanced search sites. The Quertle® products are modern artificial intelligence-based solutions that focus on discovery of relevant documents and predictive visual analytics. As such, you may benefit from hearing Quertle® experts describe the best ways to take advantage of our powerful solutions.

Training, usually provided by web conference, can provide you with a better understanding of Quertle's unique abilities.

To request a training session, please contact us, choose "Training" as the Topic, and then provide us more details in the Question or Comment box.

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Web-based Training

Institutional Subscriptions
Qinsight is available via institutional subscriptions (site licenses) - the most cost-effective way to deliver Qinsight to your organization. And, since Qinsight minimizes the risk of missing critical information, a site license can provide substantial savings for your organization.

For Commercial organizations: visit Commercial Solutions for more information.

For Healthcare and Hospitals: visit Healthcare Solutions for more information.

For Academic and other Non-profit organizations: visit Academic Solutions for more information.

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Web-based Training
Where Quertle® is being used
Wonder where Quertle® products are being used? Check our list of institutions where people have signed up.

See your institution on the list? Maybe an Institutional Subscription should be in your future.

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