Training Video: Answer Questions using Power Term® Classes on Qinsight™

Text Transcript

A Power Term® represents an entire class of objects. For example, the Power Term for proteins refers to all specific protein such as p53 and BRCA1 - but not the generic word "protein".

When you use a natural language search, such as "Which proteins are involved in breast cancer", Qinsight™ recognizes that you are interested in finding specific proteins and do not want the results to be cluttered with hits that simply contain the word "protein".

On the results page, the members of the Protein Power Term class that were found in relationship with your other search terms will be listed under the Key Concept filter at the bottom left - directly answering the question "Which proteins are involved in breast cancer?".

If you prefer to use a short-hand query, such as "Proteins and breast cancer", then you can indicate you want to use a Power Term by entering the appropriate shortcut. To find the Power Term shortcut you need, click on the Power Term link under the search box and click on the Power Term you want, or just type it in.

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